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17th Anniversary: Wind and rain are on the same road


17 years of wind and rain

Jing Yuan is grateful to his family

Shared responsibility for company growth

The changes of Jingyuan in 17 years

From 0 to 1

From scratch

Delivery from the first AGV

To the application of more than 12,000 laser AGVs

From the magnetic navigation robot

To many types and varieties of laser navigation robots

From the automotive industry

To cover all industries in the manufacturing field

The birth of every product

Can't do without the family who struggled all the way

Consummation of every project

Are inseparable from the cooperation and support of partners

On this festive day

Bless everyone

Accompanying family

Time is like water

Recalling the tragic years of the past

Time is like a song

Watch now and compose a new chapter

17-year-old Jing Yuan

Never forget the original intention

Recast glory

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